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1930s New York Subway Adlake Tri-Color Route Indicator, 13 inches tall


Item is 13 inches tall. The lenses are 4.5 inches in diameter.

This item still has some remnants of subway grime, even though it went through a recent, thorough cleaning process.

It is made of steel with three glass lenses.

The handles are on springs to slide from side to side.

Each car had four of these items.

They were housed behind the clear lenses to either side of the front roll signs. The conductor was able to reach through a panel inside the train and adjust the colors depending on the route. A light bulb was positioned behind it.

This item came from trains that operated between the 1930s and 1970s on the lettered routes. The IND started service in 1936. Shortly after, the City of New York annexed control of the other, then-private, subways. While the operations remained distinct at first, services were realigned to share tracks.

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This sign would be great for bar or restaurant decoration, dorm room, den, etc. Also makes that one of a kind gift - you can't find this at Sears or Target. Have fun touring old New York. Own a piece of New York history!

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