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1950s Chicago Elevated 6000 Series Car Destination Sign DOUGLAS, MILWAUKEE: 22x11.5 inches


You are bidding on a unique, antique Chicago Transit Authority vellum roll sign section from a 6000-series elevated car with DOUGLAS/MILWAUKEE on it.

Sign is 22 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall.

In 1947, the City of Chicago annexed all privately operated transit lines to form the CTA.

The CTA knew that they were to need new trains. In 1948, the CTA commissioned the 5000-series test cars - four three-car units. two units were built by the St. Louis Car Company, and two were built by the Pullman Standard Company. The test was to see how effectively PCC trolley car components could be used on rapid transit cars. This laid the ground work for many of subway cars across the country.
Between 1950 and 1959, 720 cars were delivered to the CTA.
These cars were in use in passenger service until 1992.
The 6000s turned out to be quite reliable. They were used widely across the entire system.
At first, only four cars - #6127-6130, were equipped with trolley poles to be used on the Evanston Express. In 1973, the overhead wire on this line was replaced with third rail, and 6000s were the predominant cars.