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Vintage 1969 New York Subway R-16 Front Route Sign F, GG Train: 19x30 inches


This sign section is from one of the first mylar signs ever to be printed for the New York Subway.

It spent its life inside an R-16, a run of 200 cars built by the American Car and Foundry in 1955.

These cars originally started their lives with cloth/vellum signs.

This sign was printed in bright colors to coincide with the major route changes that took place during the late 1960s.

These vibrant colors were later used on Massimo Vignelli's famous 1972 subway map.

This was the first sign commissioned in Mylar by the New York Subway.

***The stains/fading on this sign are indications of use within the train. The R16 this sign came from definitely served on the GG Line***

This sign section is in excellent condition with some signs of use.

Please check out the photos!

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This sign would be great for bar or restaurant decoration, dorm room, den, etc. Also makes that one of a kind gift - you can't find this at Sears or Target. Have fun touring old New York. Own a piece of New York history!

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